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"I'm not on holiday"
"I am not a paycheck, nothing does he give me a paycheck" Vortex: For years, a Chinese couple ran a restaurant in Savonlinna, relying on cheap labor from China. Last November's little news reported that the Eastern Finland Court of Appeal upheld the district court's sentences for a couple of restaurateurs. The couple had worked with their Chinese workers for a few hundred monthly salaries. They had been brought to live - in a tofu factory. Prolonged exploitation for years The rumors of the restaurant industry occasionally hear rumors of mistreatment of foreign workers, dark wages and long days. I decided to try to find out if the rumors were true or whether the Savonlinna case was a rare exception. I ran into a wall of silence. Lu Shuwu: "That… is it okay to not talk about it. That's an old thing…" Chef Lu Shuwu came to work at a Savonlinna restaurant in 2002 in Harbin, China. Work continued for four years, six days a week, 10 or 12 hours a day. Lu Shuwu: "I found out through a friend in China that an employee was needed there." interpreter: "what did they promise you?" Lu Shuwu: "monthly salary of about 400-420" interpreter: "oh 420 euros right?" Lu Shuwu: "yeah." interpreter: "monthly salary was 420 euros" Lu Shuwu: "really long working hours." "12 hours." interpreter: "How did the restaurant feel?" Lu Shuwu: "At first it did not look amazing at all, but after a year the salary started to seem low and the working hours too long." "I was just working. I didn't do anything else." "It's past and past. I don't want to say anything about it anymore." VOICE: More stories and cases began to be found. However, many hard-working employees were afraid to share their experiences, at least on their faces. Asim Siddiqui: "there (in Karachi) my life was fine, it went pretty well. Here I am looking for a better life, but everything went wrong" Asim Siddiqui from Pakistan in town. The Emperor of the restaurant has since gone bankrupt, but its former owner - former employer of Asim Siddiqui - can be found behind the bar counter of another restaurant in Vantaa. Waseem Khan: "So it was the Emperor's restaurant and it was a very famous place as everyone knows and it was working very good. I have enough money there. So I need some worker. And I wnet to Pakistan. I saw he was all the time taking a cigarette from the floor. I don't know what came to my mind, I say (to him), thank God I have a very good job so I do for God something. " "So I brought him here in Finland." VO: Khan easily obtained a work permit for Asim Siddiqui in Finland. The system is such that, if the employer wants to bring in an employee from abroad, he will, as a rule, succeed. No interview or, for example, establishing the required skills are required for a work permit. Asim Siddiqui: "I told him I had never done a cook's job. He told me he would teach everything. That's why I came here and he told me that until I get a permanent residence, you will only work for my company 0626. " It takes five years to obtain a permanent residence permit. Siddiqui: "The restaurant sold Finnish food, steak, barbecue, such food. And there was a bar where alcohol was sold. There was no Indian food at all, only Finnish. or 1. " The employer has another version of the story: Khan: "… they started work because they weren't able to work!" Kathy: "why wasn't he able to work?" Khan: "Because he was in shock. He was sitting like this all the time." Siddiqui had been with the Emperor for a total of four months. Siddiqui: "Sure, I was tired, but it was okay to know why I had come and what my goal was. I thought that doing so much work would get me some good money." Kati: "At what point did you realize you were being cheated?" Siddiqui: "At first, it doesn't seem that bad, but over time, it feels like a slave to someone. Whatever he says, you have to do it. Everything he says is right." Siddiqui: "I never got any pay." Kati: "Did you ever ask for a salary?" Siddiqui: "Of course I asked. Two or three times. That's why he got mad at me." VOICE: Later I found a Finnish woman who had been working with Siddiqui in a restaurant in the Emperor. He does not want publicity on the matter but told Siddiquin, among others. baking pizza, blocking glasses, cleaning and working every time a woman came to work and every time she left work. Penttinen: "The abusers…. Are almost invariably the same nationality as the workers they have brought to Finland, I believe that they perceive themselves as acting in violation of Finnish law, on the other hand they know or claim to be benevolent. this employee was there abroad, they don't even try to compare the conditions of the pushers here, for example to the restaurants where everything works properly. " Waseem Khan: "If I send him to bring one cigarette package, 20 euro I give him, I don't take money back from him. This is true, This is really true. I am not afraid of anyone. I have done right … ..It's between me and God. That's it I have done this only for God with this person. " VO: Siddiqui's employment case is now pending in court. The Helsinki District Court has already ruled in favor of the employee, but the dispute in the Court of Appeal is still pending. It was still unclear to me how many such underpaid Asim Siddiques were being scrapped in restaurant kitchens and back rooms. Work permits for non-EU restaurant workers are increasingly being granted - well over a thousand in the restaurant industry per year, the gray economy in general. When a total of 355 hotel and restaurant companies were inspected by the tax administration between 2006 and 2008, 173, or half, were found to be gray. According to Virke's report on the development of co-operation between public authorities, the proliferation of foreign restaurants has brought a new kind of gray economy to the sector, such as underpayment and undeclared work. The report also states that it is difficult to detect abuses related to foreign labor. Kati: "How are they currently being monitored?" Olavi Kärkkäinen: "The provincial government does field control, but when it comes to specific, difficult cases, it is a little more difficult to deal with. There are no factors involved." Kati: "How many of these cases are completely missing?" Pointed: "A little difficult to estimate. How many are left." While labor inspectors visit restaurants, they usually report their results in advance. Katja-Pia Jenu: "If an employer can fake time records, employment contracts and payroll, then we have no way to question it." Jenu: "The only way, then, is to tell the employee what the reality is. But if nobody talks about it and the papers are okay, then unfortunately it usually stays there." Kathy: "so is this the place?" Xie Dawei: "This is the right place but a different name." VOICE: Xie Daweikaan has not previously told about her experiences. His former workplace had also been inspected by clean papers. The problem was that Xie did not have a contract of employment and did not appear in the company accounts. Xie Dawei: The manager promised to pay $ 8.5 an hour and raise it later. I worked a total of about 500 hours, about 45-50 hours a week. 2.5-3 months is 15-16 weeks and about 500 hours worked and when the salary is 8.5 euros an hour it should become about 4000-5000 euros. but in less than 3 months he paid me 900 euros. he always tried to shift the payroll, so eventually I went. in the end my pay was a euro per hour. Xie: "I think it was discrimination 1048 because Finnish workers got a decent salary" Xie: "They asked me to ask the boss about the money but the boss was always delayed delalyed delayed" , Cafe Mandarin, has gone bankrupt. There is another restaurant on the premises. Juhani Jantunen, owner of the bankrupt Cafe Mandarin, does not remember Xie Dawe. Reporter: I would love to hear your point of view ... The employer refuses to interview, but tells me that the contract workers were paid according to all the rules. According to Jantunen, Xie Dawei has not even been on the payroll. So you have to look for a witness again. Xie Dawe worked in a former cafe Mandarin with a Chinese-born chef who now owns a restaurant in Hämeenlinna. He also wants to remain unidentified. Kathy: "so you were working together with Xie Dawei in Café Mandarin?" Kunbai Yang: "yes" "I just ordered this big boss olike Coulee could I like some people to help in the kitchen so they got its' okay…" Kathy: "It was clear for the boss that you are not the person who pays the salary, but it's the boss who pays the salary? " Kunbai Yang: "yes of course yes it's clear because i'm a worker here (there), i can't pay him for my salary." “I think (as) he’s working there He shouldget his salary. Xie Dawei says she's worked for about ten restaurants, the lowest salary at Cafe Mandarin. Kati: Xie: "There's just not much, usually 5: between n and 6 euro per hour. Generally speaking, all Chinese restaurants pay that way. "" It should be noted that in the Greater Helsinki, the minimum hourly wage for licensed licensed venues is EUR 10.19 per hour, and for non-licensed venues 9.28. "Xie:" They applied for my maybe 200-300 euros of salary. if someone came in for a review, they said I'd work part-time, even though the actual working time is much longer than the time stated by the restaurant owner. Practically all Chinese restaurants do this. "Xie Dawei doesn't think she is in the worst position. Xie:" Restaurant owners want to find cheap workers who stay in work for a long time so they bring chefs directly from China. Their pay is even lower and their working hours are longer. it's a good way for a restaurateur to cut costs. "Olavi Kärkkäinen:" So if his black wage is 5 Euros an hour and the restaurateur who pays all the extra leave, he pays 25 Euros per hour for the employee. So if the difference is at 20 Euros per hour, then the position of the entrepreneur doing it is pretty awkward. "So the problem is known, but nobody does it. Jenu:" Of course I try to do my best to correct the situation but "Penttinen:" For example, at the Helsinki Police Department, the resources available to investigate these types of workplace crime cases are so unfortunate that there is no fear for entrepreneurs engaged in this activity to be caught off guard. " "they can't be caught. So the only way to find this is to rotate the whole, if it's the restaurant it's the business, then the whole restaurant around…. … It's not a huge job. "Yen:" The farther people come, the worse their knowledge of Finland and the conditions in Finland. or if it should…. that is, before an employee arrives in Finland, he would be interviewed, asked if he knew where he was going, what job he was going to do. The fact that here is one case, that was a Pakistani restaurant, but actually sold only Finnish food. Find out if there really is a need for an ethnic chef or just a way to get to know Finland. "Skype: Some Chinese workers have begun to seek legal redress. The stuff is messy, controversial, complicated and usually lengthy. Matti Penttinen, a legal expert Penttinen: "I have to look for evidence, proof, proof of how much work has been done to determine the amount of these payroll claims. Yes, those very messy, messy things are, "Vortex: One of the clients of the agency is a Chinese Mr X who was brought to Finland as a cleaner but ended up working as a restaurant worker. He also worked for a short time at Tang Dynasty Mr X: "I worked for 18 days, but they didn't pay me anything. (boss) said your monthly salary is $ 1,000 for 3,845 without breaks. "" At 9:30 in the morning I started cooking rice I washed rice, cooked rice. then I cut vegetables for salad and then arranged the dishes for the buffet at 10 o'clock in the evening when the work was over, the chefs brought the dishes and made me wash. the job was very hard. "" I asked the boss three times because I couldn't do so much work, I want to quit. he asked me to wait until he found another employee. Finally, for the third time, I said I'm leaving today because I can't do work anymore. "Lam Chan Hoa presents himself as the CEO and owner of Tang Dynasty. He immediately guesses what it is when I show up at the restaurant. Lam:" speaks ... "Kati:" yeah yeah "Lam:" I told her that the trial period she could come when we needed and she would come in during our day lunch we would be busy and then the need she would do the dishes and she would come to our nutrition and then I don't know what the other person is probably going to six hours or seven hours he does there and then he goes away. "Lam:" He just goes out suddenly and there talks to our other employee I don't want any pay nothing he just leaves but " :"He does not want to pay Lam:" yeah, but he speaks but quite a surprise to me, but ... "VO:??? Who is telling the truth whether or Mr. X or his employer speaks neither I am in the middle of Chinese soup, which becomes increasingly jumbled Mr. X. : "The basement of the restaurant has a storage room. I've been there, the people living there. It's just a warehouse. the beds were made of wooden boards. three people slept there. "During a surprise inspection of the occupational safety district, Tang Dynasty had noticed the same storage room with tables lined with tables. Lam:" yeah it's from the basement..we are surprised that we didn't know and so on and there will be a surprise the authorities will check and I myself will not know but I will take them there to cover and I will be surprised "" it has treated us quite a bit. it has happened to us that during the day time all our employees are checked and I was taken by police car "Vortex: I will try to inquire with the police later but the police are silent. When the camera is gone, Tang Dynasty This autumn, the Helsinki District Court ordered him conditional imprisonment for gross debtor dishonesty, which Jaanti has appealed to the Court of Appeal. Now, Jaanti is assisting Tang Dynasty. There's a much larger pattern behind his pay and working hours dispute, but he doesn't want to tell me what the pattern is, but instead directs me to another lawyer, who in turn is assisting a Chinese restaurant called Grand Shanghai, which Mr X also challenges According to Mr X, the restaurant paid him too low a salary, which the restaurant denies. Restauranter Yu Guo Quan does not admit the interview, nor does the lawyer. But this lawyer, too, is beginning to speak of a bigger figure: he has been told that behind everything is a Chinese named Yang Jinghui. Mr Yang would press Chinese workers to sue restaurateurs in the hope of compensation. Then he would demand half of the money for himself ... That is, after all, that the foreign restaurateurs are the victims, as lawyers seem to claim. Restaurant workers would be exploited by foreign workers, who in turn would be exploited by the mysterious Mr Yang Jinghui. Yang turns out to be a doctor of medicine and a human rights activist living in Helsinki. He says he works for an association founded by Chinese people living in Finland called the Finnish Chinese Alliance. The association helps Chinese people in difficulty and provides advice on Finnish society and legislation. I'll tell Yang about the theory presented by the lawyer. Jinghui: "no that can't be true. I have never pressed anyone to make a lawsuit, why would i. Over the years i have helped many chinese with their lawsuits, if they need a lawyer so i have introduced them to lawyers but it's totally in their will, so… "Kathy:" I was also told that there is actually a reward, financial reward going to you if this particular worker would win his courtcase. " Jinghui: "no that's true, that can never be true. No. Actually i have helped many chinese in their lawsuits xx and i never got anything, never charged anything, so my service is totally free to them. And i regard it as my community service. there's no way i would charge them anything, it's just a lie. " I'm also asking Mr. X myself - with the help of an interpreter. Kati: "Just ask if Jinghui wants money for this or not?" question in chinese lord x: "he is not" jinghui: "of course i did help with some chinese problems with some restaurant owners but not so often, but i knew about this kind of problems. there are a lot of chinese "I ask Yang Jinghu to ask if the restaurant workers he knows would agree to the program. Finally one more - calling her Miss Y, wants to tell her story. Ms. Y also worked for Tang Dynasty for half a year. She says she quit the restaurant about a year ago. Kathy: "I have heard about this cellar storehouse in the cellar of the Tang Dynasty. What is it for?" Miss Y: "actually just a store, we keep some stuff" kathy: "are there people staying there?" Miss Y: "eh, yeah." Kathy: "did you stay there?" Miss Y: "sometimes." Kathy: "why?" Don't go Y: "first for me you know it will save a little bit of money. We were working there and we got a very low salary." Kathy: "how many people were living there" miss y: "i know before there was 3. after i left, i don't know." Kathy: "did the boss know about the storeroom in the cellar where people were living?" Miss Y: "yes he does." Kathy: "how much was your salary?" Miss Y: "around 1000." Kati:"per month?" Don't go Y: "per month" Kathy: "how much would it be per hour?" Miss Y: "per hour, no we are not counting per hour no matter how many hours we were working." "We will get one day holiday per week 0323" Miss Y: "You know people working there, if they have another choice, they won't." Miss Y: "If you are alone here, you are a Foreigner, you cannot get any help, and no friend to help you." Kathy: "what is your situation now?" Miss Y: "this kind of memory i don't want to remember. It's terrible. A little. And now i found another job, just nice.just normal life." VO: Do you still remember the Savonlinna incident? After the lawsuits, chef Lu Shuwu and his wife Wang Yuhua have been compensated for unpaid wages. The robbing couple were sentenced to a five-year ban on business, nine months in prison and compensation for a total of ten workers. With the help of allowances, Lu Shwu and Wang Yuhua have acquired their own small restaurant, Voikka, and run it without outside labor. Kati: "Why did the restaurant owner do that to you?" Lu Shuwu: "I don't know ... it's his business. He decided how much he would give us. It's his own business. How could I know? I didn't think about it at that time. I don't know how it happened. there is now enough on this issue. " End. Editor Kati Juurus MOT PRINCIPAL MOP - 11.1.2010