1. The name of the Association is Chinese Alliance and it is located in Helsinki. 2. The Association's purpose and activities: Association purpose is to help communication between Chinese people residing in Finland, help Chinese people adapt to finish society, help its members in various troubles and communication with similar associations of other nationalities. 3. Becoming a member of the association: Everyone aged at least 18 years who has good reputation and who accepts purposes of the Association can join as a full member of the Association. The Committee can dismiss a member. A member has a right resign from Association by giving written notice to committee or its chairman, or orally in committee meeting when it shall be written in the record. 4. Committee: Association is managed by the Committee. Its term is time between the annual meetings. From 6 to 10 members are elected to the Committee. Members of Association, honorary members or honorary chairmen are eligible to be elected as Committee members. Committee members shall elect among themselves a Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen. Chairman or when he is not able either of the vice-chairmen shall call the committee members together for a meeting as often as necessary. Committee has decision making power when at least half of its members are present and one of them is the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. In Committee meeting decisions are made by a simple majority. In the event of a tie Chairman’s vote decides. In elections however a lot is drawn. Written records shall be made during the meetings and those will be singed by the Chairman and the Secretary. Two Inspectors are selected to check the records or they will be checked during the next Committee meeting. The Committee can set among its members separate working group or groups consisting of Association members to take care of different tasks. Committee can appoint or dismiss Caretaker of an office, Secretary, Treasurer and do other necessary appointments from among the Committee members or outside of them and decide tasks given to them. 5. Annual meeting: In Association’s annual meeting following things are decided. 1) Opening of the meeting 2) Election of the Chairman and Secretary to this meeting, two Inspectors to check the records and when necessary two Counters to count the votes. 3) The meetings decision power is verified. 4) Schedule of the meeting is decided. 5) Report, Financial Statements and Auditors statements shall be discussed upon. 6) Decision is made about verification the Financial Statements and about giving immunity from responsibility to committee and other parties with financial responsibilities 7) The Plan of action, the economic estimate and amount of membership fees are decided 8) Amount of Committee members is decided and the members are elected. 9) Two auditors and two vice-auditors are elected. 10) Other matters mentioned in the invitation to the meeting 6. The right to sign for the Association The Committee Chairman, Vice-Chairmen or Committee member especially authorized by the Committee, always two such individuals together, have the right to sign for the Association. Committee can give right to sign to caretaker of an office together with one of the individuals mentioned earlier. 7. Fiscal year and auditing Fiscal year of the association is the calendar year. Financial statements and related documents, as well as a report on the activities have to be given to the Auditors tree weeks before the annual meeting. Auditors shall check these and give written statement about them 14 days before annual meeting. 8. Modification of the Rules and dissolving of the Association. Decision to change these rules or decision to dissolve the Association has to be made by majority of three-quarters in two separate meetings kept at least 30 days apart. 9. To support its functions Association can: 1) To collect membership fee. Fee for a working person is 40 euros and to all others 10 euros. 2) To accept operating grants and donations. 3) To have lotteries and money collections